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A ‘triple-win’ for schools, society, and children and youth worldwide

Schools4Health aims to make every school a health promoting school that prioritises the health of everyone in the school community. The project also aims to will integrate health, education, social and climate goals to achieve a ‘triple-win’ for school communities through:

Positive educational academic outcomes

Sustainable environments.

Health equity

Join us in our efforts to make health and wellbeing a priority for schools.
Because when children and youth feel better, they do better.


"Investing in health and wellbeing in schools is key to ensuring that children and young people, especially those in vulnerable situations, have a fair and good start in life. Good health leads to better school outcomes and improves children and young people’s ability to deal with an uncertain world, now and in the future.

Schools4Health will involve a range of experts from different sectors, who are driving the conversation on children’s health. By working together, we will advance the ambition to make all schools ‘health-promoting schools’."

Caroline Costongs, Director at EuroHealthNet

The Schools4Health project

Schools4Health strives to introduce, strengthen and sustain the adoption of a whole-of-school approach to health and wellbeing. It will engage 16 schools across the EU with special consideration to school settings in deprived areas.

The partners will work with schools and the school community to encourage and enable them to adopt a more holistic approach to health, and/or strengthen their current Health Promoting School approaches. The participating schools will also analyse, transfer, implement and evaluate good nutrition, physical activity and mental health practices - supporting the overall HPS approach. The project will also engage with decision makers, to make the case that such approaches not only put children and adolescents on the path to healthier lives; they are a part of the solution to interrelated societal challenges such as social inequity, climate change and environmental degradation.

Overall, Schools4Health will explore and demonstrate how different sectors, particularly the education and health sectors, can work together to encourage and enable school communities to adopt a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, facilitating healthier lifestyles for all.

An advocacy and information campaign and other dissemination strategies will draw attention to the value of health promoting schools in accelerating resilience and recovery following Covid-19.

The 3-year project, led by EuroHealthNet, is EU-wide in scale with partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

"Project is funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA). Neither the European Union nor HaDEA can be held responsible for them."